Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Finally got around blogging about the March 2013 Topbox. I ended up opting for the regular box as I wasn't a fan of the prive boxes that Topbox offered this month. This month they offered Aveda, Lippy girl and Pure + Simple.


This bag is so cute!I love the packaging and the way Marc Jacobs put out their samples in the cute coin bag!  It is adorable and this deluxe perfume sample came up first in the topbox! I was very excited to find out that it is by Marc Jacobs. There are three scents: Daisy, Daisy Eau so Fresh and Lola. I particularly like the Daisy scent. I have sampled these perfumes before when they first came out and I loved it, however, I already have a go-to perfume already and that is the Chloe perfume. 

This the the Mythic Oil by L'oreal. You use this as a treatment for your hair. There doesn't seem to be that much information about the oil so I would have to search more about it online. The scent is AMAZING. Very settle and fresh. I am not too excited about the sample size and package, however, I look foreword to trying this product as I have very frizzy curly hair!
Yay! I am so excited to try a MaskerAide Mask. I have been dying to try their products after seeing it being sampled from previous Topboxes and from Beauty Box 5! I received the MasketAide Mask in Pre Part Prep! It is supposed to brighten, prime and energize my skin. I guess it is to be used before I apply makeup. I actually went ahead and purchased the Detox Diva from the Topbox Shop. Topbox had a promotion for taking 20% off on the products in their shop because they reached 20k likes on Facebook. I want more! I will provide updates on how well this mask goes.

This is the Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme.  Prior to receiving my Topbox, I read the reviews for the regular Topbox and found that many people disliked the smell of the lotion. I don't find it entirely bad. It does have a herbal scent to it and reminds me of the hotel scents in Cuba. I do understand why people don't like this smell as it is very different from the sweet scents from body lotions. In fact, it is far from that. However, I don't mind the scent too much but I do prefer scents that are more settle and sweet smelling for my lotions.
March 2013 Topbox - Regular!

 I like this month's Topbox! I know many people weren't very excited as there were a lot of variations for the regular topbox. I like mine and was happy with this month's contents! My favourite products to try out are the Marc Jacobs bag + perfume, and the Maskeraide mask. I saw that another topbox regular version included Chloe See perfume and a Lippy Girl product instead of the Marc Jacobs bag and Mythic oil. I would have liked that bag as well. 



  1. You got a good one, love the daisy pouch!

  2. MaskerAide masks are amazing! I hope u enjoy the mask as much as I do. Also, thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. That daisy print marc jacobs bag is supercute!

    Sita xx

  4. we got the same box :) I liked mine too!

  5. I love your marc jacobs samples and bag! I would get this box just for that hahaha Man seeing everyone with a makeup subscription makes me feel left out but I know I would just end up having too much junk I wouldn't use =( For now I'll just have to enjoy reading about other's boxes and seeing them try out new products kekeke Ironically I love the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and am excited to go sniff their newest scent!

  6. I really love the bag and the products look great! I would love to try a box but I just placed a monthly subscription with luxebox maybe next month :) by the come follow my blog I already followed yours! http://andieexoxo.blogspot.ca