Monday, March 11, 2013


Hi beautiful. I received my MARCH IPSY bag. I have to say that IPSY has such great shipping and never fails to disappoint me. I feel like the canadian beauty boxes always have some kind of mishap when it comes to shipment. Now for the unboxing review!

This is initially what I saw when I opened the cute bag
Such an adorable bag. I love the print and the light weight of the bag! It is adorable.  Although it doesn't seem so white in person (the stripes). 

Theme this month is: The Great Escape. Spring break/march break is here but sadly I don't get a break. School still presumes for me :/. I would love to be vacationing right now.

This is the GLAM RX Mini Freestyle Palette. It is travelling size so it doesn't fit too much inside. It is great as it is magnetized so the little eyeshadows won't fall! I love the color of this product as I'm very attracted to dark pink. I don't know if I will actually use this product? I mean my phone has a mirror screen protector already and I already have a makeup bag. Perhaps this serves as a purpose to eliminate my phone + makeup bag and to be used as purely a travel product? So maybe I can essentially put my primary day to day eyeshadows inside? I'm still quite unsure but I will provide an update if I find a good use for this product.

*with the eyeshadows

**UPDATE:  I use this palette to fit my Urban Decay eyeshadows that were in my Naked Palette. It fits perfectly.
*how it was packaged 

YABY Eyeshadows! The size is pretty much the same as the single costal scent quads from last month. I received the colour in Vein (left) and Sand Dune (right). I do like the colour of Vein, but not on my eyes. In fact I don't really wear such bright colours. Sand Dune is pretty yellow but doesn't show up very well on me. I'm pretty dark and the yellow just doesn't work for me. Also, I guess I can use the colour Vein as a pop colour for my eyeshadows. I don't know if I'll actually do it but it's an option for me. Wasn't that excited for these eyeshadow colours. 

This is the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. This is an awesome sample size to try the product!  It is a spray that is supposed to tone and refreshen me up. Directions: to "spray on your freshly cleansed skin throughout the day to stay refresh". When I opened the bag, I instantly sprayed it on my face (haha). The scent smells too much like baby oil. Well, it smells like a fresher scent of baby oil. Not a fan of the scent personally, however, it did feel refreshing spritzing it. I don't know how often I will use it. It might come handy when I'm on the beach and I can spray it after I shower from a long day? Juice Beauty is an organic company and I really like that. I will update what I end up doing with the product.

This was actually the product I was most excited about. This is the LA FRESH Makeup remover wipes. I received a sample from my glymm bag last month but they only gave out two wipes. The sample size for the wipes that Ipsy provided was very generous. It has 8 wipes and is travel size as well. I am very happy with these wipes and am excited to use them. I use extra virgin olive oil to remove my makeup but I find these convnient because they are the remover and the wipes combined--much easier to take out. I still love my olive oil though.
March 2013 Ipsy!

I thought this bag was pretty average. I wasn't excited for most of products because I have not found my personal use for them yet. I do like the bag because I love the print, and the makeup removers. I also do like the samples sizes of the products. Not the best Ipsy bag but I will stay subscribed because Ipsy has proven its potential as a beauty sample "box". 


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