Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My Topbox is the first to arrive this month. It is another monthly beauty subscription box I am subscribed to where they offer 3-4 deluxe samples. This month I chose the Prive Box, a box featuring one brand of products. There is an option each month to choose the Prive Box or the regular Topboxes. I love Benefit so I chose the Prive Box option this month. Benefit was not the only brand option for this month, there was also Lippy Girl and Miracle10 Skin Care. You are not guaranteed a Prive Box as it depends upon the number of boxes available. If I wasn't lucky enough to get my chosen Prive box, I would have gotten a regular top box.

I have been subscribed for 4 months now, this being my 4th box. Topbox is my favourite subscription service and this month they have really outdone themselves!

I was excited to open it and found my Topbox to be my chosen Prive Box-- benefit

What a beautifully designed box! The design theme is in celebration of Chinese New Year. 
**Topbox shipped earlier this month because benefit wanted to have their boxes delivered before CNY. Topbox normally ship on the 10th every month.

Full Picture of this month's February Prive Box featuring BENEFIT!
*With product out of the packaging 
All the samples in this month includes 4 deluxe size sample and 1 bonus sample!
Yay! A facial cream. I never tried this before. Supposed to "provide concentrated immediate and long term hydration." 
I love the packaging and it is a great sample size. Product smells nice and settle.

I have heard great things about the rose tinted lip & cheek stain. Seems to be one of Benefit's famous products. I have yet to try this product but I am excited to try it!

The lipgloss was a sheer pink colour and would be a nice coat over a lipstick and the other product is a face powder.  They both smell like candy.

I have always wanted to test out this out as this is another famous benefit product. This is a balm that claims to minimize the appearance of pores. I have pretty big pores and I am excited to see what this product can do for me when I try it out!

This is a bonus sample. I am not a fan of paper samples but I did want to try this out since it is a new benefit product.
It was put in a really cute paper pocket similar to those chinese money pockets. I am glad that a new product was put in this box for me to try. I was really curious when I saw it in Sephora. 

 I love this month's topbox! 

*I will provide updates based on my opinion of each product after trying them out in a next post!

- Peggy <3

I paid with my own money for all my topboxes. 


  1. Cool I can't wait to get mine as well and blog about it

  2. Oh wow what a great box! I don't have much experience with Benefit products, but these look awesome. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Ehrmegehrd...now I feel even MORE stupid for missing out on my 72-hour window to get that damned Topbox. >:(

    Still...it looks awesome! Super jealous. I'm not a huge fan of Benetint, but I'm dying to try Porefessional.

    Kalyn @ http://www.kalynlord.com

    1. Beauty boxes are so addicting! I subscribed to topbox right away :P