Friday, February 22, 2013


Hi beauties!

This post is pretty overdue since I received my Ipsy bag pretty early. This is my very FIRST bag and the theme this month is RED CARPET READY! I sneak peaked the items on Facebook before I received my bag and knew that the items were pretty much all for the eyes. Ipsy is a company based in the USA that is started by Michelle Phan. They are a beauty box subscription company that samples out mostly makeup products. They shipped the canadian bags pretty early as well. Let's get started!

The inside of the bag is carefully stitched. The month of February is usually geared towards the theme of love and valentines day. The peak of red inside the bag was a nice touch to the black bag. 

When I opened up the bag, this was initially what I saw. I was pretty excited even though I knew what was in the bag already.

The first item in the bag is the  Costal Scents eyeshadow sample quad. I got the colours in Gunmetal. Some other people received it in gold. I don't mind the colours I got but I would have been happier with the gold as it suits my skin colour more (I am on the tan side). The eyeshadows are quite pigmented, I'm impressed! I usually use Urban Decay eyeshadows but the Costal Scents eyeshadows aren't bad. This is a actually a smaller sample than what I thought (it looked bigger in pictures than in person)

I received lash cards previously in a Glymm bag before. Ipsy, however,  did provide more cards than Glymm. At the top of the lash card, it stated that this is an exclusive Ipsy product as it does contain 4 cards. Usually, this company only samples out 2 cards. The cards did not really work for me on my top lashes, but,  it was easier to apply to my bottom lashes. I wouldn't purchase these cards because I feel like they will forever be resuable! 

I LOVE MASCARAS! This was a fun sample for me to try! I already have a mascara-to-go for me and that is the Fairydrops mascara! What I look for when trying out other mascaras is how long it would hold on my lashes after curling. This particular mascara is by POP beauty. It was okay, pretty average. Darkened my lashes but didn't hold the curl well. I am currently using this mascara for my bottom lashes only.

This is a face primer by Pixi. I haven't received any face primers from my beauty boxes yet so I was pretty excited to try this product. Also, I have heard good things about this company. The only primer I use is the Urban Decay eye primer and I never owned a face primer actually. I found that this primer didn't work very well with just applying it to my eyes. It did not hold my eyeshadows as well as the Urban Decay one. I did end up finding a good use for this primer and that is to apply it to my eyebrows! I use powder to fill in my brows and I actually applied this primer on my brows before I filled it in. It worked fairly well for me and helped with smudging! Very impressed.

This is the MICA Beauty gel eyeliner! I don't wear eyeliner as much as I used to but I am still  fairly happy to have received this product. I swatched it on my hand and it applied very well! It was smooth and glided on pretty nicely. This sample did not come with a brush but I did have one already so that was okay. I used the QUO angled eyeliner brush and experimented this eyeliner on my eye. It was the same as when I tried it on my hand--very smooth. I am liking this gel linear and will use it when I feel like changing up my look! Quite a generous sample size as well. 
The full contents of the February Ipsy 2013 Bag!
I love Ipsy! I love that it is makeup based as I love trying new makeup products. I was excited to try out almost all of the samples in this bag. I hope that Ipsy will continue to provide makeup items more instead of lotions and creams as I am more interested in trying those instead. I must also add that Ipsy has pretty good customer service and responds to my e-mails rather quickly. I am very happy with my first bag and am looking foreword to March!

What did you think of this month's bag? Did you like the lash cards?


***I paid with this bag with my own money


  1. I can't escape lash cards! I won't buy them as I think they are just a gimmick. I liked this month's bag too :)

    1. I know! Plus I don't know why they sample out a bunch when you only need one that is reusable

    2. lol Gen!! i feel the same way!! they keep turning up :/

      and hi Kasey & Peggy! new follower!
      i am in need of a mascara that holds curl - mine prefer to stick straight down so i should try Fairydrops now that you mention it!