Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi girls!

So GLYMM is a beauty box subscription where 4-5 "deluxe" samples are sent to you. I have been subscribed for 5 months now and January 2013 is my last bag!
I paid $13.56 (with tax) for each box and I am overall very disappointed with this subscription. They have recently changed up the service. Instead, it will now be $15 + tax for each box. Also, they used to offer free shipping on anything in their online store boutique for orders over $50, this has been changed to orders over $100. The loyalty point system has also changed on the site. Before we were able to get points for every dollar spent in the shop! Glymm didn't even let the subscribers know via email or their facebook page. I found out by going on their website myself.

So glad to be done with this service! I am subscribed to Topbox and have recently subscribed to Ipsy (February will be my first!). They both have a relatively high customer service and the price is well worth it.

The January 2013 bag:


My first impression was the decrease in the size of the products. I did not feel excited or felt entirely happy when opening my box.

This is a boost serum to conditioner my hair. The smell is to my disliking.  It smells like medicine. 30ml.

This is a really tiny and cheap sample. How is this anywhere from deluxe? It is a body lotion and frankly, I can get it free if I email Burt's Bees and ask. Not a really nice scent, very plain. However, it did feel quite smooth after I applied it on my skin. 7ml

This is a really small sample of the 360 skin care firming serum. The scent smells very natural and nice, however, there doesn't seem to be anything interesting that stands out particularly about the lotion itself. I did read that Jojoba oil is an ingredient in it and I have heard great things about that oil.  .20oz

I did receive wipes from this brand in a previous glymm bag. This one is the facial cleansing wipe. It is supposed to condition my skin. I haven't opened it yet because I want to save it as it is a generally good size for traveling. This sample is actually the largest one (in terms of size) in the whole bag!

Not a fan of the color or the texture design. In fact, I really dislike the bag.The color is rose gold. It looks very similar to the gold one from last month. It was not a delight to open the box and find that this is the color for this month. It just looks like it was recolored from the leftover bags from last month :(. Also I don't like how the logo is stitched on the bag rather than inside it.

This is the teeniest mascara sample I have ever seen. This is by a company called LASHEM. Mine was all dried up when I took it out! When reading the posts on glymm's facebook page, a lot of subscribers experienced the same problem as I. There seems to be no product in my sample at all! Really disappointing because I love mascaras a lot and would have loved to try it out.

  This is a comparison to my OPI full sized nail polish bottlee so you can all see how small this sample is! It is like HALF the size of a normal mascara sample!

So happy to be done with Glymm. The only thing I found from Glymm that I love is the Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme for my curly hair! I bought a whole bunch and will probably use my leftover points for that and be completely done with this service.

What do you think of this month's box?

**This is a post on my thoughts of the glymm bag, not a full review.

- Peggy<3


  1. Hmm, I actually have some of those Burt's Bees samples in my drawer. They were giving them out for free by the handful on the street like a year ago. Needless to say I don't really like it :T

    1. I know! The smell is kind of strange and unpleasing. It does make my skin smooth somewhat but I was hoping for a DELUXE sample...not this!

  2. I had similar feelings about this months bag too. I love Ipsy though! Just got my first one in January. I emailed Glymm to cancel and they are trying to negotiate with me by offering 100 Glymm points for staying.

    If you want to check out my thoughts on Glymm and beauty subscriptions, I wrote about them here: http://polishandsugar.com/glymm-january-2013/