Thursday, January 24, 2013


So let me just rave about a certain make-up remover that I have been using since 2012. One of my new years resolution of 2012 was to take off all my makeup every single night. My daily makeup routine consists of eyes, eyebrows and occasionally lips. In accordance to mascara, I use a ton of it and to top it off--it's waterproof. I have to say that by the end of the night, I don't struggle to take it all off with this make up remover. In fact, there is no intense rubbing to remove my makeup.  Last thing I want before I go to bed is to remove my makeup cotton after cotton (and being scared that I would rub too hard that a single precious eyelash will fall off). To have find this makeup remover has been rewarding for my skin as it is natural and completely chemical free!
Here it is!
As you can see, I am almost running out of it! I've been using this particular bottle since January 2012! Love this stuff. At first I was a little skeptical because my skin can become oily (I have combination skin). Why would I want to put oil on my face! I was a little curious when I started to see  youtube guru's talking about using extra virgin olive oil. With further research I found that the oil will not clog up my pores because it works like the natural oils on my face. I needed to try it and till this day it is part of my beauty regime.

Most simplest instructions ever:
1. Dab a layer of extra virgin olive oil on a face cotton
2. Press it on your eye and wait about 15 seconds, it will remove 80% of the makeup on the first wipe. Use the same face cotton to remove the rest of it, then do the same with the other eye

The layer of oil I use ( looks like an egg haha)

The aftermath of my eye makeup removal (for both eyes!)

Try it out :)



  1. :o I want to try this! Have you only been using this brand? and does it burn the eyes if you get it in them?

    1. Yes! I've only been using this brand, I haven't tried any other ones but I don't think the brand matters! It should just be the extra virgin olive oil :P